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Bag, Protective 

Bag, protective magazine. NSN 1005-052-6942. New old stock. Mfg in 1970. Mfg of clear ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer. Also known as the "chieu hoi" bag. 



Basin, wash

Basin, wash, type 1. New old stock. NSN 7240-00-634-2424. Stainless. Mfg by Nash Metalware Co



Bayonet 01N

Bayonet, M-7 w/sheath M10. New old stock. Excellent condition. For M-16/AR-15


4 .

Bayonet 01U

Bayonet, M-7, with M10 scabbard.  Used, good condition. For M16 and AR15



Bayonet 02

Bayonet, M -4. For the M-1 Carbine. New old stock in the original wrap. Does not include sheath.



Bayonet 03

Bayonet, M-5. For the M-1 Garand. New old stock in the original wrap. Does not include sheath.



Bayonet:sheath, M-10

Scabbard, M-10. New old stock.



Bayonet:Sheath, M-8A1

Scabbard, M-8A1. Used good condition.



Binderclip lg

Binder clip, large. NSN 7510-00-285-5995. Mfg by C.W. Resources .NOS (new old stock) 12 ea per box



Book 01

Soldiers book of worship for field use. New old stock.


11 .

Book 02

New Testament, Psalms & Proverbs. New international version. Pocket size with woodland camo cover. New surplus.


12 . Book 03 Special Forces hand book. ST31-180. New old stock. Mfg by Paladin Press $5.00

Boulton Lens

Boulton lens for model 450 goggle


14 .

Camo support

Camouflage support, fiberglass


15 . Canteen Canteen Covers and Hydration Carriers are on the Canvas Goods page.  

Canteen 01:Canteen Stand

Stand, canteen cup. NSN 8465-01-250-3632. New old stock.



Canteen 01:Cup Flat Handle

Canteen cup, used good condition. Most are 1960's thru 1980's



Canteen 01:Cup Wire Handle

Canteen cup, wire handle. Used, very good condition.



Canteen 01:NBC Cap

 NBC canteen cap for 1 qt and 2 qt canteens. New old stock.



Canteen 01:New

Canteen, 1qt, plastic,  NOS(new old stock)



Canteen 01:Standard Cap

Standard canteen cap 1 qt and 2 qt. Plastic. New old stock.



Canteen 01:Steel

 Canteen, 1qt,metal,  fair to good condition WW11 & Korea



Canteen 01:Used

Canteen, 1qt, plastic, used good condition


24 . Canteen 02 Canteen and Carrier Collapsible Assembly. 5 quart capacity. NSN 8465-01-254-5759. New old stock $15.00

Canteen 03

Canteen, 1 qt arctic, stainless steel double wall construction. New old stock. NSN 8465-00-753-6489



Canteen 03:Adapter M-1

Adapter kit to convert arctic canteen spigot to M-1 canteen cap with gasmask drinking tube. New old stock.



Canteen 03:Complete

Arctic canteen set complete. New old stock. NSN 8465-00-753-6489.



Canteen 03:Cup, Arctic

Arctic canteen cup. New old stock.



Canteen 04

Canteen, 2qt, plastic, NOS(new old stock)



Canteen 04:Canteen 05U

Canteen, 2qt, plastic, used good condition.



Canteen 04:Complete, Green

Canteen, 2 qt set. Green cover, NSN 8465-00-927-7485, new old stock and new 2qt canteen with drinking tube cap. Also comes with green general purpose carry strap.



Canteen 04:Complete, Tan

Canteen, 2 qt set. Tan cover, NSN 8465-01-118-8175, new old stock and new 2qt canteen with standard cap. Also comes with tan general purpose carry strap.


33 . Canteen 05 Chem bio reservoir 4.0. CBR 4.0. NSN 8465-01-581-6371. 100 oz/3L with extended fill port. Set includes reservoir, hose, bite valve and type M adapter for gasmasks. New surplus in original box. Mfg by CamelBak Products, LLC $24.00
34   Canteen 06 Conversion Kit, Hydration System. HydroLink Conversion Kit. NSN 8465-01-499-9948. New surplus. Mfg By CamelBak Products Inc. Adds HydroLock shut off and HydroLink Modularity. $5.00
35   Canteen 07 Hydration System, 3 Liter. Carrier NSN 8465-01-524-8362, Molle II, ACU pattern and NSN 8465-01-581-6371, CamelBak CBR 4.0. bladder. New surplus. $28.00

Chem Lights

Chemical light sticks. Orange, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green. Mfg by Omniglow. Also, see Cyalume.




Comb, unbreakable. Made in the USA. 5" pocket size. 



Cord 01

550 cord, 60' spool. NOS(new old stock). OD Green. Mfg by EDCO. Mil B-540 Type 1-B-11


Cord 02

550 cord, cutoffs from parachutes. 50 '. Used excellent condition.



Cord 03

Throwing line, aka shooting line. 50' orange stranded line. 3/16". New old stock.


41 .

Cord 04

550 cord. 100 ft. MIL-B-540, type 1-B-11. New surplus.


42 .


Cyalume Technologies, Inc/Omniglow Corp



Cyalume 01:Trip flare

Flare, surface trip. New surplus. NSN 6260-01-247-2937. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc


44 .

Cyalume 02

Light, chemiluminescent. Ultra hi orange, 5 minute. 6 inch. NSN 6260-01-074-0363. for the surface trip flare unit and other uses. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow


45 .

Cyalume 03

Light, chemiluminescent. Green, 6 inch, 12 hour. NSN 6260-01-074-4229. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA, chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow.


46 .

Cyalume 04

Light, chemiluminescent. Red, 6 inch, 12 hour. NSN 6260-01-178-5559. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA, chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow.


47 .

Cyalume 05

Light, chemiluminescent. Yellow, 6 inch, 12 hour. NSN 6260-01-196-0136. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA, chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow.


48 .

Cyalume 06

Light, chemiluminescent. Blue, 6 inch, 8 hour. NSN 6260-01-178-5560. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA, chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow.


49 .

Cyalume 07

Light, chemiluminescent. White, 6 inch, 8 hour. NSN 6260-01-218-5146. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA, chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow.


50 .

Cyalume 08

Light, chemiluminescent. Orange, 6 inch, 12 hour. NSN 6260-01-195-9753. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. AKA, chem-light or lightstick. OmniGlow.


51 .

Cyalume 09

Magnetic lightstick holder. NSN 6260-01-255-3346. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc.


52 .

Cyalume 10

Shield, lightstick holder. OD green, plastic holder with multiple attachment points for holding and shielding Cyalume chem-lights. Mfg by Cyalume Technologies, Inc. and others.


53 .

Cyalume 11

Personnel Marker Light with whistle. PML. NSN 6260-01-086-8077. New old stock. Mfg by Omni Glow Corp. Expired 08/06. Tested good by CAGE 3DTY2 07/07. Re-inspect 08/08


54 .

Cyalume 11A

Personnel Marker Light with whistle. PML. NSN 6260-01-086-8077. Current Mfg. Mfg by Omni Glow Corp./ Cyalume Technologies Inc. Call for 50 count priceing.


55 .

Decal 01

Marker, ID. NSN 7690-00-095-1653. New old stock issue. Reads, Caution. Open petcocks on top of radiator when adding coolant. After system has been completely filled, close petcocks. Black lettering with black border on yellow background.


56 .

Decal 02 

Marker, ID. NSN 7690-01-111-2265. Part # 12302516. New old stock issue. Reads, Caution Add Silicone Brake Fluid Only MIL-B-46176. Black lettering on yellow background.


57 .

Decal 03 

Marker, ID. NSN 7690-01-114-3702. New old stock issue. Reads, Warning. If NBC exposure is suspected, all air filter media will be handled by personnel wearing full NBC protective equipment. See operator/maintenance manuals. Red, black and white on white decal.



Desiccite 01

Desiccants, activated bagged, type 1. 16 unit bag. 1 lb 7 oz. each. NSN ????-00-264-6572. MIL-D-3464. New old stock. Mfg by Filtrol.



Desiccite 02

Desiccants, activated, bagged. Desi-Pak, 8 unit, type 1 and 2. Mil-D-3464. Weighs approx 5 oz. Mfg by United Desiccants. New old stock.



Desiccite 03 

Desiccants, activated, bagged. Desiccite25, 4 unit, type 1 and 2. Mil-D-3464. Weighs approx 3.5 oz. Mfg by Engelhard.  New old stock


61 .

Desiccite 04

Desiccants, activated bagged, 1/2 unit size. NSN 6850-00-935-9798. 450 pieces packed in a 5 gallon can. New surplus. $7.00 out of box additional charge.



Detect paper

Gas detection paper, NOS.



Dog tags

Identification tags. Order form, self addressed envelope, directions, 2 tags and chain.




Eraser, blackboard. NSN 7510-00-244-9145. Model ESPO1, all felt, sewn. NOS (new old stock).12 ea per package. Mfg by Baker School Specialties CO, Inc.



File Nurse

File, Visible Index, Book Unit. NSN 7460-00-299-9492. NOS(new old stock). Nursing service and doctors orders.



Filter 03 

Filter element, intake. NSN 2940-00-225-4842. New old stock. For the 1A0 series engines. 



Fire Out 01

Fire extinguisher, For class A fires only. 2 1/2 gallons water and 100 psi air make this a great refillable unit. Mfg by Flag Fire Equipment. New old stock with minor storage wear. Model # PWS-25




Fire starting tool, magnesium. NSN 4240-01-160-5618. New stock mfg by Doan Machinery and Equipment, Inc. 



Food Packet

Food packet, survival, general purpose. Mfg by Oklahoma League for the Blind in 1988. Vacuum-packed can with pressed corn flake bars, instant soup or tea and sugar packs. New old stock. Just a few left.


70 .

Fuel tube/new

Genset fuel suction tubes w/extension, new


71 .

Fuel tube/use

Genset fuel suction tube, used




Goggle, sun, dust, wind. NSN 8465-01-004-2893. Current Mfg. NIB with extra lens. Mfg by Stemaco Products Co.



Goggle Ballis

Goggle, ballistic, with 1 ea clear and 1 ea neutral gray lens. NSN 8465-01-328-8268. New old stock. Mfg by Stemaco Products Co. Call for priceing on current mfg.



Goggle Ballis:Goggle,Ballis

Ballistic lens for M-44 goggle. Clear. New old stock. NSN 8465-01-109-3997. Class 3. Mfg 4/84, by Gentex



Goggle:Frame Only

Frame, goggle, without lenses, with headband strap. NSN 8465-01-103-1354. New old stock. Mfg by Stemaco Products Inc.



Goggle:Goggle/Lens C

Clear lens for sun, wind and dust goggles. Current issue. NSN 8465-01-004-2892. Plastic Class 1 Mfg by Stemaco Products Inc.



Goggle:Goggle/Lens G

Neutral gray lens for sun, dust and wind goggle. Current issue. NSN 8465-01-004-2891. Plastic, class 2. Mfg by Stemaco Products Inc.







Ice pack can

Ice pack can, NOS



Icepack 15oz

15oz icepack, dark blue, NOS


81 .

Icepack 20oz

20oz icepack, light blue, NOS




Impregnite, shoe, M-1. For the impregnation of shoes. NSN 535510. New very old stock. Packaged March 1945. 8 oz can. Excellent condition. Mfg by Natural Oil Co.



Insect Rep 01

Insect repellent. 2 oz Plastic bottle. NSN 6840-00-753-4963. Mfg by Airosol Company Inc. New old stock.


84 . Insect Rep 02 Insect repellent, personal application. Tube. NSN 6840-01-284-3982. New surplus. Mfg by 3M Consumer Specialties Div. Insect/Anthropod repellent lotion. $5.00

Kevlar helmet

Helmet, M-1 Kevlar. PASGT. Size Vary. Mfg by Devils Lake Sioux Mfg. And others. Call for availability.



Kevlar helmet:Suspension

Suspension assembly, GT/Para. NSN 8470-01-092-7518. Medium. New old stock.


87 .

Kevlar helmet:Sweatband 01

Headband, GT/Para, Helmet. NSN 8470-01-092-8492. Size extra small. New old stock. Mfg by NIB/MPLS Soc F/T Blind


88 . Kevlar helmet:Sweatband 02 Headband, GT/Para, Helmet. NSN 8470-01-092-8493. Size small, medium, large. New old stock. Mfg by Lancaster Blind Assn. $8.00

M-1 Helmet:M-1 Cap/Liner

Cap, cold weather, insulating. OD Green. NSN 8415-00-782-2919 and others .New old stock. Mfg by M&B Headwear Co. and others. Sizes available are 6.75, 7, 7.25, 7.50.



M-1 Helmet:M-1 Chinstrap

Chinstrap, M-1 helmet. NOS



M-1 Helmet:M-1 Cover

Cover, helmet. Woodland camo. NSN 8415-00-105-0605. Mfg by MPLS SCC F/T Blind Inc. NOS



M-1 Helmet:M-1 Headband

Headband, helmet liner. NSN 8470-00-153-6671. New old stock. Mfg by Steinberg Bros Inc and others.



M-1 Helmet:M-1 Liner

Liner, fiberglass. Complete, used good condition.



M-1 Helmet:M-1 Nape Stra

Neckband strap. NOS(new old stock). NSN 8415-753-6166. Mfg by Aqua Aire Products Inc



M-1 Helmet:M-1 Suspens

Suspension, helmet liner. NOS. NSN 8470-00-880-6814.


96 . M1 Helmet:New M1 helmet assembly aka as steel pot with liner. Complete pre - Vietnam era helmet, liner and all the parts. The suspension is dated 1951. Has the ball and hook chinstrap. New old stock and in excellent new condition with some having minor wear scruffs from storage and movement in the box or a minor amount of patina on some of the parts. No cover.  No NSN markings on straps or headband. $65.00

M-1 Helmet:Used

M1 helmet assembly aka as steel pot with liner. Complete, used condition.


98 .

M17 Gasmask

Complete masks are not currently available.

99 .

M17 Gasmask: Filter Set

Filter element set, chemical-biological mask, M13A2. For M17 and M17A1. NSN 4240-00-165-5026. New old stock. in original sealed package. Mfg by Mine Safety Appliances Company and others.


100 .

M17 Gasmask: Manual

See Manual 01


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